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If your product is distinguished world-class quality and design and are able to determine their potential - this is the first step towards future cooperation. We invite all producers of the wider building materials not only from Polish and European Union to fulfill our orders. Fill out the contact form or simply contact us via email .

To begin , please take the following steps , please send :
1 . Catalogs (2 copies in English)
2 . Base pricing ( two copies in English)
3 . Samples ( 1 copy )
4 . contact form

General terms and conditions
The basis for the start of the cooperation is to check the basic system used pricing and discounts.
The second step is to establish a policy of selling on the Arab market .
Please note that we prefer an exclusive contract . In return, we offer large orders , intensive promotional activities and joint marketing activities .

Quality requirements
Arabic market is very demanding . Import rules are simple, but the documentation itself requires special attention and the manufacturer is obliged to provide the additional certification and certificates if they are necessary, such as certificate of conformity issued by an authority empowered or other documents normally required in the European Union according to the type of product. Some of the requirements arising from the specific operating conditions , such as climate or temperature changes throughout the day. We ask each potential supplier for its experience in exporting goods via sea transport.
Even if it is not required , customers prefer products with European certificates such as CE .


Mikomax Smart Offices 
Manufacturer of office furniture  - offers furniture for employee , office , conference tables , desks and other furniture that are equipped office.
Manufacturer office chairs , conference rooms , reception and laboratory furniture.



Manufacturer of modern and ergonomic office chairs and armchairs , chairs conference , chairs reception and waiting room.



Gala Collezione 
Furniture Factory Gala Colezzione - we specialize in the design and manufacture of upholstered furniture in the skin.



Manufacturer of furniture for offices, reception, conference rooms, offices and hotels. 




Manufacturer of furniture in natural skins.


Manufacturer of solid wood furniture for living room, dining room, office and bedroom.


Manufacturer of leather, leisure, upholstered furniture.




Manufacturer of furniture offers stylish wooden furniture made ​​of solid wood and stylized furniture.






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