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About Us
The European Agent Company LTD mainly dealing with exporting the goods from the European market into the Arabic market . We do that because we care about providing products that meet European standards with highest quality and competitive prices , for that we are promoting Polish and European brands . We combine quality and good price through collaboration with leading Polish producers.

Working with one of the most respected company in the construction sector in civil engineering ,we gain new experiences and expanding group of subcontractors , developing product catalogs and " work to carry / catch up with your ideas ."

We can advise and supply products which you will enjoy for years.

How we work
We work efficiently, we are determined to succeed. We demand a lot from each other and our subcontractors to provide the highest quality products , negotiating favorable prices and fast delivery.

Every order we serve efficiently and reliably , remaining in constant contact with the client. When we transfer the contract: Within 5 working days, the customer gets an offer products that comply with its requirements. Upon acceptance of the preliminary set delivery time and price .

How do we work ? It's simple:


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We receive order
1. clarify the tender specifications
2. present proposals to the customer
3. determine and negotiate prices , terms , prepare documentation
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* Throughout the process, the customer is informed about the stages of implementation by a dedicated keeper


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